Pororo 2nd Step Junior Training Chopsticks



** only available in left hand **

Specially designed as the second step for advanced use by older kids. The bridge design mimics the look, motion, and feel of a real pair of chopsticks.

The second step chopsticks are slightly longer than the beginner range, do not have the safety tip at the end, and have a props for resting the thumb and fourth finger rather than a thumb ring. The removal of the thumb ring makes it harder to use and should only be attempted for children 5 years+ or if they have mastered the beginner set. Generally it takes months of using the beginner pair before kids are comfortable enough to progress with the second step.


  • Cute Pororo the Penguin character
  • Ergonomic and aesthetic white basic design
  • High quality materials, non-toxic for safe use
  • Props for supporting the thumb and third finger
  • Silicon rings can be removed for advanced users
  • Connector ensures that chopsticks stay together and do not cross

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