Chopsticks have been an essential part of Asian culture for centuries. Not until now, though, have there been an easy method for parents to teach their children how to use chopsticks in the correct form and technique. Training chopsticks take the stress out of teaching – the colourful, animated designs even make eating fun!

We all know that children’s brain development are most active when they are youngest. The earlier you can introduce chopsticks to your child, the earlier they can start to form good chopsticks habits. The use of chopsticks are recommended over forks and spoons as they move more muscles, and their complex technique stimulates their brain and helps them concentrate.

Edison Chopsticks™ are children’s training chopsticks, cleverly designed and very intuitive to use. The patented three ring design allows your child to start learning from an early age!

We absolutely love Edison Chopsticks™ and with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we’re certain that you will too!

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